"Bonnie Kirchner is one of those awe-inspiring women that we all aspire to be. I recently held a "Lean In" event for 100 high powered women in New England. Bonnie was our keynote speaker. She is the epitome of strength and resilience. She candidly shared her story about losing everything and rebuilding a life that matters. The audience hung on her every word. She was funny, entertaining, and serious at the same time. In addition to sharing her own experiences, she offered advice for our audience on how to protect not just money and assets, but also ones integrity. Bonnie offers an inspiring message for all women and my only hope is that she gets in front of more audiences to share her message of perseverance and financial smarts."
                     -Stacey Alcorn
                      Event Chairwoman

 “Bonnie provided invaluable, practical, and relevant financial updates to her viewership on a daily basis as the "live-from-the-floor" reporter at the Boston Stock Exchange. She also hosted sold-out educational forums for the Greater Boston community on a range of topics that delivered how-to advice on improving an individual's financial situation and working towards personal goals. I'd highly recommend Bonnie as a reporter, speaker and/or educator on a wide variety of financial topics. Your audience will thank you!” 
                    -Janice Foley, VP-Communications
                     Boston Stock Exchange 

 “Bonnie was an excellent business reporter for us on the morning newscast M-F on WBZ. She knows her stuff, and is good on her feet. She was a real asset to the program!” 
                    -Scott Wahle, News and Sports Anchor
                     CBS4 Boston, MA